What is #mugafesto?

Mugafesto is your manifesto on a cup!

What do you need your manager, your academic colleagues, peers or students to see each morning as they have their cornflakes?! What hyperbolic pronouncement will get them thinking? …Get them interested?

Mugafesto brings together the mug and the manifesto. Taking our lead from Vorticist artists and others with a revolutionary zeal, the mugafesto clearly establishes what is important. It is ‘the elevator pitch in a cup! [the video below has sound or you can access the transcript from this link.].

Find out more about what you need to do…

In the conference, we have just 15 minutes to produce our #mugafestos, so don’t stop to think…

Just act!

Form a huddle… 2 or 3s.

  1. Generate! Now, quickly, build a list of short proclamations of why you think social media for learning is not only good, but critical to how we should think about the future higher education learning environment. Remember – don’t overthink, just generate! Oh yes, short enough to fit on a mug.
    Spend 5 minutes Good, bold writing on post-it notes
  2. Sort! Select! – Now, together sort your list – Discuss, what are the most important ideas and the best, most convincing proclamations we have generated? Put all your green post-it ideas in an ordered column.
    This must take no more than 5 minutes too
  3. Refine! – Starting at the top of your list, tweak and replace. Add a bit of colour. Find better words. Add some artwork, if you fancy. Your aim is to get people’s attention. The exclamation mark is your friend!
    You’re already running out of time! Act quickly!
  4. Post! – Pick your top 10 – photograph them (as a set or individually depending on what you think works best). Tweet them.
    Use #mugafesto #SocMedHE18
  5. Like! Retweet! – Get the ideas out there. Your aim is to get people beyond the conference liking and retweeting your ideas too. People like our managers, academics, your peers and students!!! The most liked #mugafesto post will be prize winning!

Vive la revolution!

What next?

Over the next few weeks we want to see your pictures of your manifesto statements on mugs, T-shirts, stickers, flags, banners, barricades… Keep using the  #mugafesto #SocMedHE18 hashtags.

As we plan #SocMedHE19, we will use the most successful manifesto proclamations to identify themes and activities and we hope to publish a collection of manifestos for you to use – giving credit where it’s due of course!


Original blog post by Andrew Middleton (@andrewmid) and available from https://tactilelearning.wordpress.com/2019/01/02/mugafesto-socmedhe18/


A selection of thoughts from the event on the day:

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