After the event

A selection of photographs taken on the day by Sandra Huskinson (@FieryRed1)

“Some reflections on #SocMedHE18” a blog post by Sheila MacNeill (@sheilmcn)

“SocMedHE18” A wakelet curated by Chris Jobling (@cpjobling)

“#SocMedHE18 meets #ft30uk” A wakelet curated by Teresa Mackinnon (@WarwickLanguage)

“Being there – thinking about presence #socmedhe18 #mugafesto” A blog post reflection by Andrew Middleton (@andrewmid)

“Reflection on #SocMedHE18 via selected tweets (mine and others)” From Dr Scott Turner (@scottturneruon)

“#SocMedHE18”  A twitter moment – a collection of tweets from the #SOCMEDHE18 event held on 9th January 2019 curated by David Whitlock (@davidwhitlock)

Reflections on #SocMedHE18 and #mugafesto – Social Media for Learning in HE Conference” A blog post by Sue Beckingham (@suebecks)

#SocMedHE18”  A blog post by Rachel Challen (@RKChallen)

Before the event

Made for #SocMedHE18 by Deb Baff using



Made for #SocMedHE18 by Dawne Irving-Bell using the Procreate iPad app


How #SocMedHE18 connections are forming, the story of the first few days by Dr Scott Turner.